Making Porthole Covers

For my first sewing project on with our new Sailrite sewing machine, I created porthole covers. Portholes are the windows of our boat and when you’re at the dock, you need privacy.

There are many options available for porthole covers, including commercial shades. We wanted something simple, easy to care for, and easy to put on or remove. After doing some research, we ended up designing these white covers that are attached via white velcro dots. These are perfect for when the portholes are closed.

A solution we created for when the portholes are open involved plan white pattern-making fabric, which have the same shape, but are a little larger. The lightweight fabric allows for air to still pass through into and out of the boat. The advantage is that you can keep them on when we close the windows.

Whenever it rains, we remove the light ones, and after the rain, we put them back up. Velcro dots make this so easy to do.